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Gain a Competitive Edge with Reliable Data – Locally and Globally.

Nplus has earned the trust of 750+ revenue teams, positioning itself as the B2B data provider of choice. Our offering includes precise and compliant sales intelligence, specifically designed for crucial personas within core markets.

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B2B Leads, Personalized to Perfection

Choose your business focus; we'll deliver a dataset tailored to demographics, regions, and industry segments.

85%+ Accuracy Guaranteed

Aligned with Your Business Objectives

Segmented by Demographics, Regions, and Industry

Pre-Tested for Quick Delivery

Includes Organizational Hierarchy

Transparent Data Processing

Healthcare Networking Made Easy

Expand your healthcare network globally, connecting with millions of top professionals from prestigious institutions for growth and collaboration.

Comprehensive Details Regarding:

Leading Medications: Insights into Top Drug Purchases

Financial Trends: Expenditures of Major Medical Companies

Healthcare Organizations Unveiled: Firmographic Insights

Navigating Healthcare's Changing Tides: Trend Highlights

Tech Install Base for Seamless Connectivity

Our comprehensive technology database covers a wide range of segments and sub-segments, providing valuable insights and information across various domains, Such as:

☁️ Cloud

🌐 Network (Software)


💻 Programming Language

🌐 Network (Hardware)

🌐 Webserver

🗃️ Database

🖥️ Server Software

🌐 Network


💾 Operating System

🏢 Hardware

🏢 Server Hardware

📡 Other Technology

Step into our world of comprehensive data, where personalized list selections await to propel your success with unmatched advantages.

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Advantages to Drive You

Adherence to Anti-Spam Regulations

Over 90% Delivery Assurance

Targeted Audience Engagement

Updated / Verified List

Time & Resource Savings

Revenue Optimization

Personalized List Picks

Company Metrics Segmentation


Tech Adoption Insights

Location-Based Data

Title & Function Categorization

Data Elements Choice.

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